Kites Festival – The Bristol and Niagara Kite Flying Festival Occasions

If you wish to visit a large kites festival, you will find quite a lot to select from. At any season it isn’t lengthy before a significant kite flying festival will get going ahead somewhere in the world. In this informative article I’ll expose you to 2 big kite festivals which are held each year.

The Bristol Kite Festival

This British event is formally referred to as Bristol Worldwide Festival of Kites and Air Creations. It has been running because the mid eighties, and it is most likely the biggest and renowned such festival within the Civilized world.

The list below is really a general review of exactly what the kites festival at Bristol is about.

  • a couple of days of non-stop wind-driven flying, art and culture, both air-based and ground-based
  • a partnership between your festival and also the Bristol Children’s Hospital charitable organization
  • a forum for worldwide goodwill and showcasing the earth’s very best in kiting
  • a platform for breaking world kiting records, for example ‘the largest kite to fly’
  • any excuses for any person in the general public to get out there and fly their most favorite kite included in the festival

Keen to understand some specifics? Here’s things that were planned for that 2007 festival…

  • Wallace & Gromit drawing focus on a medical facility charitable organization inside a special angel kite show
  • large, spectacular ocean-themed kites, together with a 30 meter lengthy multicolored manta ray
  • kite surfers demonstrating their extreme sport within the ocean
  • traditional Japanese fighting kites involved in aerial combat
  • more extreme sports – traction kites pulling buggies and land boards
  • kite-making workshops for kids
  • flying the earth’s greatest kite, how big an Olympic pool!

The Niagara Kite Festival

Besides being big, this kites festival is actually quite unique. This offers quite a bit related to its physical location. Besides the festival overlook a massive waterfall system, however it really spans 2 countries, the U.S. and Canada!

The following list attempts to summarize the majority of what required place within the 4 days the 2007 Niagara Kite Festival ran…

  • the flying of the very number of kites by countless people
  • a kite arch tethered towards the U.S. on a single finish, and also to Canada alternatively
  • a historic re-enactment from the first kite to mix the gorge
  • large wind-driven pieces of art which were moored down
  • worldwide visitors introduced their kiting expertise
  • demonstrations of kite-powered sports
  • exhibitions of other kite-related activities
  • an excellent number of street entertainment, not every kite-related
  • a large number of spectators, both locals and from around the globe

The countless fliers throughout the festival incorporated lots who registered themselves for the opportunity to fly their very own kites from the Niagara escarpment. No chance which comes up every single day! The allotted area was in the Rainbow Bridge to Terrapin Point around the US side and Table Rock around the Canadian side.

The plethora of kites traveled, in addition to the usual range of deltas and flow-form designs, incorporated the next…

  • pieces of art
  • stunters, dual and quad-line
  • indoor fliers
  • fighters
  • inflatables
  • miniatures
  • the simply huge!

A variety of exhibitions were held. Topics incorporated…

  • kite history
  • kite aerial photography
  • miniature kites
  • kite stamps

Observe how kites can attract all personalities, from extreme sports dudes towards the quieter types you will probably find looking at individuals exhibitions!


Case an idea of the expertise of consuming an worldwide kites festival. For more information on these 2 occasions, along with an account of my very own family’s outing towards the Adelaide Worldwide Kite Festival, just go to the website. The Adelaide Festival page is highlighted with lots of photos too.