Funny Video and Entertainment Site Review

Funny Video and Entertainment Site Review

So Google buys YouTube for $1.6B available and funds and all of a sudden the planet awakens. The end result, countless new records in to the funny video, video discussing and music video marketplace. I’ve heard many complaints concerning the sudden increase of content sites. For them I only say, “shut it!”. There can’t ever be sufficient content on the internet. It’s exactly what the internet was created to complete (apart from ubiquitous communication obviously).

The facet of this video surge which i find fascinating may be the numerous flavors and processes that have started to emerge. Whether it’s a relevant video production with regard to product exposure from Warner Brother’s Spider Man 3 release to Billy Bob and the brother’s run along with a tired opossum caught on tape, it’s all interesting. But, most significant is the objective of the recording and content site because the technology and creativeness is constantly on the evolve. Many sites are rapidly seeing the need for aggregation and discussing within its very own competitive community in addition to developing technology to create, publish and compare. The long run looks vibrant my buddies, keep your hats.

I’ve reviewed only a couple of of those sites in my own curiosity. These are:

Blip TV

Category: Video Upload and Discussing with Publishing Options

Simplicity of use: The very first factor which hits you with may be the clean structure and well spaced content. It doesn’t over use color or dark space. But, probably the most helpful feature needs to be the funnel selector scrolling feature around the primary page. It is simple to check out the many channels they need to offer with extremely swift response.

Social Media Options: Once any feed is submitted to, you’re offered the immediate and repeated ping to technorati in addition to mix posting to Myspace, Flickr and Furthermore, they’ve automatic feeds to Yahoo video, America online video and MSN video. In case your intent is monetization, is well connected and regarded a large dog within this space.

Speed: Overall rating is great. Their primary page is light at 22KB and loads in under .25 sec.

Content: Very deep content and incredibly well managed. The recording database is extensive and typically the most popular products are extremely clean. Their video channels will also be very creative and professional. There are many choices for fun, general entertainment, even some activism should you want. Although I would not classify this like a funny video site, overall, this video website is spectacular and deserves much credit around the product.

Google Video

Category: Video Upload and Discussing

Simplicity of use: It’s typical Google. The interface is extremely clean, but equally fundamental. Not a lot of jewelry into it. It will, however, riding time video metadata for all your files in addition to a transcript. Understandably, integration with Adsense is a smart choice.

Social Media Options: The recording verification process is slow and unnecessary, see my ideas below. Nothing here to talk of.

Speed: Understandably speed is great, although I am a little surprised the primary page may not be light at 130KB. But, obviously, they’ve the fattest pipes on the market at sub .01KB/sec.

Content: Google video has six primary channels including comedy and videos. Not surprisingly, the background music videos are non-licensed anyway and even though amusing, not things i was searching for. Towards the top of the television Shows funnel, you can purchase “1 Hour with Bill Gates around the Charlie Rose Show” for .99 cents. Wow, exactly what a deal. I’ll pass, but thanks. To be honest, Bing is hamstrung on content because of the behemoth that it’s and may subsequently never show something that has an inkling of proprietary conflict. Overall, I had been very disappointed.


Category: Video Entertainment Aggregator

Simplicity of use: This website may be the friendliest of reviewed, surprisingly. The funnel structure really is easy (listed at top) and also the search interface hits you in the actual face right from the start. Extra features include multiple source choices for videos (very handy for protected content), wiki style video tag search option on primary page and 2 separate tabbed tables for many viewed and newest additions. Very clean.

Social Media Options: Extremely effective method used here. For each item selected there’s a tabbed and duplicate choice for Myspace, Xanga, Bebo as well as general blog records for fast inclusion. Quite simple, very clever.

Speed: Very lightweight first page at 40KB and ideal load rates at .01KB/sec.

Content: Most likely the only possible disadvantage to this video entertainment site. The information is nice, however, many “content unavailable” links exist inside the music video section, the primary focus. This really is understandable as music video legal rights have been in constant conflict, but cleanup is required. But, overall, like a music video and funny video focused site, Videocodezone does a great job.


Category: Video Entertainment Aggregator

Simplicity of use: This is among the sites I manage, but I’ll be brutally honest with myself and also you. The present interface really is easy but free from any helpful options apart from search. Being an aggregator, it’s just indexing from many locations so that they can find the best content for that user. As well as in this role it will a great job. But, really at this time, Slubber is very featureless. But, this can change like a second revision obtained care of. Obviously, I’ll review again.

Social Media Options: None at the moment, but seamless Myspace Layout integration is in route.

Speed: Very lightweight frontpage at 50KB with load rates at .01KB/sec.

Content: Presently submissions are average, however, many feeds presently exist from college humor sites. So submissions are quite different from those of the primary players here and therefore deserves review. But, clearly, for the following revision the information feed option must be jacked up substantially. I suggest checking this website out and again reviewing by finish of summer time. Many changes “really are a comin”.

Crackle (formerly Grouper)

Category: Video Discussing and Entertainment with Concentrate on Publication

Simplicity of use: Very easy to navigate. The primary page is packed with different navigation choices to certainly one of its deep listing of video channels. Crackle is actually centered on production quality releases and therefore has geared the primary page along individuals lines. The website could be easily considered its very own Television show.

Social Media Options: RSS is fully integrated with lots of choices for site integration in addition to pre-integrated with all the primary players including Friendster and But, it does not really offer much of private integration so don’t search for much hot linking help here.

Speed: Primary page is light at 12KB but load rates are medium at the best at .03s/KB. Does that result in poor performance for you personally? No, it doesn’t. But, in accordance with other players it’s around the slower side.

Content: This is when Crackle shines. Crackle submissions are all production quality with probably the most intriguing and congratulations features I’ve come across around the internet. It’s apparent the corporation is extremely dedicated to insuring content quality versus content quantity. There is a lengthy listing of quality funny video records in addition to music video channels. I recommend a trip, but make certain you’ve plenty of time to spare since there’s a great deal to see.


I needed to get at handful of other records with this review, but I’ve got a South African Syrah calling my name. I plan to have a deep take a look at Dogster and Videoegg around the next round plus some older players like Revver, YouTube and even perhaps Viveo.

Overall, all the sites were of excellent use within one form or any other. I had been certainly most “wowed” by Crackle just from the caliber of presentation and content. Videocodezone certainly provided the very best integration for social media. My finest dissatisfy was Google Video. Honestly, I believed it was pointless. Google Video doesn’t have lack of cash and yet it appeared minimal creative and many protective of their corporate structure. We will have the way it evolves. Out.